Monday, March 25, 2013

Amy's Body Image Tips! #3

Amy's Body Image Tips! #3

I used to value being thin and didn’t think it was such a bad thing.  BUT I learned that there were two types of values:  intrinsic values and instrumental values.

~An intrinsic value is not a way to obtaining something else, like gratitude.  Being grateful is good just because it’s good to be grateful, not because being grateful leads to anything else. 

~An instrumental value is intended to obtain something else.  Money is an instrumental value because you can use it to get something else.  

Thinness is another instrumental value.  People think that thinness brings other qualities they may find valuable.  In other words, it’s not thinness, but what thinness represents that you may find valuable, such as being successful, accomplished, disciplined, controlled, etc.

So, ask yourself what is it that you’re trying to achieve through being thin.  Do you want admiration and respect?  

How else can you obtain this sort of validation?

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