Monday, March 25, 2013

Amy's Body Image Tips! #4

Amy's Body Image Tips! #4

What’s not helping you in improving your body image?  It can be anything, such as:

~The stacks of women’s magazines that lay on your nightstand
~The diet books you have
~The idea that you can’t go to a party unless you look a certain way
~Your size whatever jeans waiting in the back of the closet
~The scale in the bathroom

I had to think about the things in my life that weren't lifting me up, whether it was fears, thoughts, practices, ideas, behaviors, etc. 

~So, I cancelled my subscription to Cosmo
~Got rid of the recipes that were coming to my inbox
~Cancelled my gym membership
~Got rid of my scale
~'Unfollowed' certain friends on Facebook who were not healthy for my well being

These were fueling my negative body image and it was something within my control that I could change.  

What is fueling YOUR negative body image?

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