Tuesday, March 5, 2013

PEDAW Campaign Idea: Inspiration Station!

Inspiration Station!

  • Encourage participants to identify people they find inspiring for meaningful characteristics. Encourage participants to see past physical characteristics when evaluating those they look up to or aspire to be.
  • Get participants in the habit of thinking about their friends and their loved ones in a way that has nothing to do with physical attributes.
  • Encourage people to identify non-appearance based traits in others that they admire and respect.
Supplies Needed: 
  • Sharpies or dark pens
  • Brightly colored post-it notes
  • Table
  • Wall to hang notes
  • Any event-related handouts
  • Wristbands to give out
  • Anything else you can think of!
Event Set Up and Implementation: 
  • Set up the table in a place that has a heavy traffic flow.
  • Decorate the table with signs and decorations that will draw attention.
  • Ask participants who stop by to think of three people that they know who inspire them and write what is inspiring about that person on a post it note (without the name).
  • There are no limits on what they may find inspiring about these people except that they cannot focus on appearance. For example: because of their kindness, aptitude in science, dedication to soccer or dance, their commitment to health, the degree to which they care about other people, volunteer activities, social skills, etc.
  • Display the notes to encourage additional participants to stop by and do the same.
  • Explain PEDAW, the wristbands, and what it’s all about.
  • Be creative with how you want to implement this!
  • Take pictures of event and send to Amy to post on up on PEDAW blog!

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