Monday, May 6, 2013

Confessions of a Recovered Individual

Confessions of a Recovered Individual

There’s no tension when I eat around my family

I no longer weigh myself anymore

I no longer live my life in fear or with self-hatred and sadness

I no longer have my mood or actions dictated by a number on a scale or the amount I exercised

I exercise to feel good, not for punishment

I feel comfortable in my own body

The way that I feel about myself no longer stops me from doing things that I love

I’m now able to enthusiastically engage in study, work, and voluntary activities

I have energy to do the things that I love

I’m no longer obsessed with calories, recipes, cooking, etc.  And I now have other interests!

I no longer have to live a 'secret life'

I’m able to rejoin the world (emotionally, psychologically, physically) and leave behind the feelings of isolation

I feel good and have a feeling of peace that accompanies it, which has me smiling to myself in moments I would least expect

I now look at myself in the mirror and think I look good

I believe that my life has worth again

I am able to unburden my mind and focus on something-anything- other than food

I can enjoy my time with friends and family and not be so distracted

I am able to eat spontaneously and not need to plan everything in advance

I have so much more energy and concentration

I actually enjoy food

I can enjoy myself in public without feeling as though everyone's looking at me

I feel I am a much a better girlfriend/friend/daughter/sister

I have my personality back

My identity is no longer of the eating disorder

I have energy to do the things I used to enjoy

I no longer feel worthless

My mood isn’t determined by what the scale says

I can eat a chocolate bar and enjoy it

I can go to a restaurant and eat food without being concerned about the calories

I know I always look amazing regardless of what I ate that day

I can wear clothes that I like, not baggy clothes to cover up my body

I now focus on things that matter in life

I am able to eat and enjoy flavors and not worry about my waist and thighs

I am able to look at holidays and get-togethers as a time to socialize with friends and family.

I can face the mirror with a smile everytime

Food no longer controls my life

I am able to eat in groups and not feel I am being judged

I no longer compare myself to others

My mind is set free!

I am able to be at a healthy weight and still feel like I deserve love

When I smile, I truly mean it

I can FEEL my feelings now!

I have the ability to love and let others love me

I no longer feel guilty when I eat

I discovered I have a fantastic personality!

I can laugh again!

I am much more confident now

My hair is healthy and shiny, and my skin now has a healthy glow to it

I can eat a handful of food, put it away, and not have the bag calling me from the cupboard to finish it

Something to keep in mind…
The most important thing to know and remember about recovery is that it is possible - not just for everyone except you, but for everyone including you.  It takes an enormous amount of persistence and courage, but it is possible and is definitely worth it!

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