Friday, October 18, 2013

Guest Post: Julie Sweeney

On Saturday, October 5th I had the privilege of presenting and holding a booth at the Teen Fest in Victoria, BC!

I wanted to be involved with Teen Fest because I believe that working with Teens is vital to creating change in society. I believe that the younger we can start promoting a healthy body image and education around disordered eating, mental health etc, the more securely  people will grow. I struggled as a teen in a variety of ways and wanted to bring that experience to my business to help educate teens and adults about those topics. Bringing the knowledge of my past, my personal experience, and my education gives me the ability to understand where others are coming from and what they might need in the way of guidance and education themselves.

I believe that it's important for teens to know they are not alone. Really, it's important we all know we are not alone --I really like group therapy for that reason. It brings people of any age together  who are coping with similar issues and allowing them the privilege to know they are not alone. I want to reduce stigma and shame and help people to see that there is a different option other than guilt, shame, and anger. Body image issues start young and if not attended to, can last right through adulthood. 

I want to help people of all ages who are still struggling to love themselves in the body they are in.
I want people to be in the best place for themselves to receive the help they need.



To find more about Julie and her counseling services, visit her website:


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